Bright and early on Thursday morning, a team of enthusiastic Ogilvy dog lovers spent their 67 minutes for Mandela Day helping out some four legged companions at Dogtown SA, also known as Barking Mad. Kate Turner and Codey Sueltz writes about their experience:

This great organisation was established in 2009 and specialises in rehabilitating, training, re-joining and giving the abused, neglected and abandoned dogs and puppies a second chance at finding there forever home. There are roughly 100 dogs at Dogtown and each is put through socialization and behavioural programmes to ensure they are able to be adopted. All the staff and volunteers at Dogtown are mad about dogs and give them much needed love and attention that they deserve. Dogtown is a pro-life organisation, meaning that they do not believe in euthanizing any of the animals.


The Ogilvy Staff were all eager to help, painting kennels and cleaning the kitchen, the Ogilvy love was spread across Dogtown. Thanks to all the staff who joined in and got those tails wagging!

All these innocent victims need is a home, lots of love and a chance at leading a full and happy life. If you would like to add to your family, please visit this organisation before going to a pet shop to buy designer dogs. Otherwise, if owning a dog it too much of a commitment, sponsor a kennel at only R350 per month.

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