mainTanya Kovarsky spent more than 11 years working on newspapers and magazines as a journalist, copy editor and editor before she left to start her own work as a trainer, copywriter and blogger to fund her Apple, Converse and washi tape addictions. She’s also a mom to toddler Max, a job she trains for by running the Comrades Marathon each year.

She has a personal blog Dear Max, a parenting site Rattle and Mum, and a running blog called Keep Running. Having edited a parenting magazine, and been on the receiving end of great campaigns, awful press releases, mom get-togethers, and 2am Twitter conversations with other sleep-deprived moms, Tanya is fluent in “Mom” and “What Moms Want”.

In Friday 16 August’s #HowToFriday session, Tanya will tell you what makes moms so influenced and influential on social media (using research and infographics that aren’t hers, plus some case studies). She will tell you what moms want, how to speak to them meaningfully, and what brand campaigns they’ve loved, had FOMO over, or moaned about on Twitter. She’ll also tell you that Huggies is the best nappy (obviously), that moms are still women, and what their insecurities are.

Remember to RSVP and join us to get the inside scoop on this niche community on Friday 16 August at 11:00 on our campus in Bryanston. You can also follow along on Twitter under #HowToFriday.

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