LifeAfterTheBreakupVlog_TristanWith the influx of entries to the first OGP challenge we understand that it’s tough to choose what to read first, so we’re here to help. We’ve selected a few of the blogs we think would make for some interesting reading over the weekend.

These five graduates display a uniqueness in their writing style and presentation allowing the experience to be totally different at each blog. Tristan Coetzee for example decided that a vlog would execute his one particular post better than what written content would. You can check it out here.

Wouldn’t it be great to be a tourist in South Africa? See what everyone else see’s too? Well, Being A Local Tourist written by Saxony encourages you to explore your local surroundings and venture out to the unknown, like trying out that new cafe around the corner that you casually drive passed every day.


Julia Christison‘s blog, Priceless Petroleum, is all about finding cheap alternatives to use instead of petrol. Her quest often leads to hilarious adventures and disasters, showing that there are many lessons to be learned along the road.

If you’re looking to be inspired through the unusual or just plain curious then this might be what you’ve been looking for: “The point of this blog is to inspire awe and wonder in the imagination of the reader, by looking at some of the most radical, influential ideas being discussed around the world today. Curious?”- The “Awfully Curious” described by Dave Perrott.

Allan Hill is a Liverpool Football crazed fanatic. His blog is titled “#TheHonestTruth” and features LFC… and a lot of it! It has a little bit of Steven Gerrard and some clips of LFC highlights. Allan also has other interests, so you’ll see some interesting posts around his favourite music and what he does when he’s not watching soccer.

TheHonestTruth_AllanHappy reading! We’re sure they look forward to hearing your feedback. For more information on the Ogilvy Graduate Programme visit the official site here.

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