youthlogWe’ve been overwhelmed with the quality of this year’s Ogilvy Graduate Programme entries, have a look at some of the ones we enjoyed this week:

The Youth Log (above) is written by, Marishka Diebold one of our talented Capetonian entrants. Her blog focuses on living the good life that Cape Town offers with lots of great photography.

Our next OGP entrant is Masindi Siaga, an honours student who says, “Where brands, people and great writing meet, that is where you can find me”. So get clicking and visit her blog Seen & Heard for some more insight into her passions: strategic communication, brands and people.

“Stompies: 1. noun (pl.) cigarette butts. 2. to ‘pick up stompies’ is to listen in on random conversation (South African colloquialism).” This is the foundation of Claire Brayshay’s blog, Pick Up Stompies who bases her content on random bits of overheard conversations.

StompiesStuart Hablutzel is the mind behind the blog Citizenise and on his latest excursion to the Neighbourgoods market he takes us on a video journey through the market exposing us Jo’burgers to the Cape Town scene through his eyes. Citizinise is centered around ordinary people doing extraordinary things in business. You can also view his Tumblr for some of his inspiration here.

CitiziniseLast but most certainly not least for this week’s OGP weekend reading feature is Ayanda Mbonambi. She claims that she would unapologetically rent a DVD with her last R20. In her blog, The Unpolished Cut she looks at celebrating the imperfections of this life by finding a cinematic anecdote.

Don’t forget to let our entrants know what you think of their blogs. As Elbert Hubbard said, “The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment.”

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