LoodleThe time is almost up for this years OGP’s and we’re excited to give you all a taste of what’s been happening with the Ogilvy Grads in the blogoshere.

Meet Lauren Adams (above), a postgraduate marketing student at Red & Yellow in the Mother City who loves fashion, coffee and marketing. Her blog, “Loodle” is about all those great things in life inspired by the creed, “Live! Laugh! Love!”.

Who doesn’t like rugby, right? Kelly Kingwill is the passionate rugby lover of the “Girls Guide To Rugga” giving you insight into the game from her perspective. Kelly acknowledges that women do have a place to love the sport with every fiber of their being just as much the guys and she’s even gone as far as to dedicate her blog to that very cause.

Okwami features design, fashion and photography which this blogger likes to refer to as her “Bare Essentials”. For all those things and a splash of Chinese Calligraphy and a quirky twist visit Ntombi’s blog to see what she considers creative innovation.

This is what Tasmirah Mall has to say about the daily grind: “There’s more to working for a living, there’s living for a living”. She encourages her readers to be open-minded to experiencing Jo’burg in new and exciting ways and reminds us all that we need to reward ourselves for working hard like, indoor go-karting or a grueling challenge at a paintball arena. Visit her blog here.

TasmirahMallWhen we first came across this blog we thought it would be quite intimidating considering it was named “Diariya Of A Mad Black Woman“. Don’t be a hero! We know you were scared just as much as we were. Phumelele Mazibuko bestows this title upon herself but she doesn’t intend to steer us away from the insanity but rather she entices us into her world of crazy. Go on, call her mad. We dare you!

Tuesday just got a whole better when we discovered a horse sporting a blue dress and red heels. Jealous? Well, pop over to The Daily Track Experience and find out more about Kayla Beytel’s obsession with the exhilarating atmosphere of the track, jockey’s and the thunderous sound of horse racing.

DailyTrackRacingA reminder to all our Ogilvy Graduate entrants, the 31st of August is closing day for the 2014 OGP’s but we urge you to keep on inspiring, writing and reading. This is only the beginning so don’t underestimate the power of your blogging voice.

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