Hastey-AWe’re reaching the end of this years Ogilvy Graduate Programme and we’ve had a great run but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop reading all the phenomenal blogs that the entrants have put forward.

This niche blog is all about motivating people to tap into their abilities and strive for greatness. Alexandria Allen says “My work is all original, my stories are from ordinary coloured people striving to be somebody” and so Through Coloured Lenses features interviews with people in her community who have achieved what they set out to accomplish and she hopes that her readers will feel inspired to pursue their life ambition with even more zing.

Meet Arielle (No. Not the mermaid who has two best friends called Flounder and Sebastian), we’re talking about the UJ Honours student, Arielle Behrmann. Her blog, Hastey-A is about broadening our outlook to activities we may be skeptical about.

Life and Boxes of Chocolate is the pride and joy of Keagi Makgoba. She refers to herself as that small package of mighty TNT and she’ll pack a proper punch. So dive into her blog and get to know this little Jo’burg chocolate lover a little more.

Here’s an interesting look into the world of UJ’s Fashion by Thato Ntshona. Uniforms were the very bane of our existence at school and so when we arrive on campus that very first time, we realize that self-expression through fashion is encouraged. We swap our tartan skirts and hideous blazers for dyed hair, bright blouses and comfortable footwear. Find out what goes down through the UJ Fashion Chronicles.

UJFashionChroniclesA reminder to all OGP entrants to submit your CV before August the 31st to ogilvygp@ogilvy.co.za

We wait in anticipation for the judges to reveal their decision but we encourage you all to continue your blogging efforts. Have a great weekend all.

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