OgilvillageAnyone who’s ever visited our campus will know that it’s got a bit of a village-feel to it. There are ducks and peacocks and there’s generally at least one person who’s having a day bad enough to make them feel like the Village Idiot.

Much like a village, we’re also made up of different parts. Sure, you could have only the one bit, but when everything works together it’s just so much better. Allow us to misquote the famous African proverb: it takes a village to raise a brand.

On 4 September, we’ll be showing you all around our village virtually. Think of it as visiting us through the internet! You’ll be able to ask questions, meet our people, see the sights and hear the sounds. All you’ve got to do is follow #Ogilvillage from tomorrow morning on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ and enjoy your trip to our little village in the heart of Jozi.

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