Ricki is one of the most talented guys on our campus. He’s great at social media and all things music but he has another love a part from his really cool girlfriend… Stefanus takes some time to get to know Ricki and the love he has for his cats.

I am Ricki, a 27 year old human that lives on earth. I would probably die if there were no music before there were no oxygen.

I love cat’s a little more, maybe a little more than a little more, than I like humans. They are probably the greatest companions on Earth. They know when you need love, they know when you’re annoyed, and you will definitely know when they’re pissed off. I just find them to be amazing creatures, mostly because they can sleep so much.
I have two families of cats. One being my cats, Nike and Ross. I have a tattoo of Ross in a suit on my arm to show my love and appreciation for them. My second cat family is that of my girlfriend’s cats. They are Bali and Samurai. Bali a tabby cat who is like a small furry human. He understand what I say, I understand what he meows and we get on like a house on fire. Samurai is the grumpiest ginger you’ve ever met. His eye brows seldom move out of their straight line formation, he isn’t too fond of being touched. But we know he likes it and he will give in at times.
You don’t need to be a cat person to own a cat, you just need to be a person. You will learn to love a cat, always.
After Ricki shed some light on his undying love for his furry friends, Stefanus took it a step further and illustrated this great relationship.
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If you’re curious about Stefanus’ illustrations and what part they play with us then have a look at our previous post here.

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