We’re looking for a character design for a squirrel that represents someone’s stress and anxiety. If you think you’ve got the kind of skills we need, then draw up the little guy and send him through by 9:00 on Tuesday 18 February. Please include your name and contact details.
If we pick your squirrel, your work will very soon be the star of a new TV ad we’re working on AND you’ll get paid. Pretty good gig, huh?
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Here’s a bit more on what we’re looking for – now get drawing!
He looks panicked and worried.

Perhaps he has Coke bottle thick glasses that magnify his eyes like crazy?
Maybe he is wearing clothes?
He has a mangey looking squirrel tail that he sometimes gnaws when he is stressed.
He might have sweat patches under his arms from all that worrying.
Does he have funny teeth?
Does he bite his funny squirrel nails?
Does he have bad posture?
He is not just realistic looking. He is not cute.
He is slightly dark. He is quirky. He needs to appeal to adults.
He needs to look unexpected and freaked out.

If we had to give you a visual reference, it would be something akin to the Rango characters.
Good luck!

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