Hollard OutdoorSouth Africans worry a lot. They worry about the traffic, the crime, the weather, petrol prices, work, their children, the state of the nation and how much they’re worrying about worrying. Sadly, excessive worrying can be debilitating, often preventing people from living their lives to the full.

This was the key insight that we tapped into when we came up with the idea for the integrated “Don’t worry. Be Hollard” campaign, which was launched in February. The campaign uses a quirky, tongue-in-cheek approach.

Our Co-Executive Creative Director, Mariana O’ Kelly says, “In a conservative category, it’s been a great pleasure working with a team of clients who not only understand the benefit of humour and story-telling, but who demand it at every turn. It wasn’t difficult,” continues O’ Kelly, “for us to come up with the offbeat writing style and tone. All we did was take the internal Hollard culture and display it in the ad campaign. ”

For more information check out Hollard’s Facebook & Twitter page or browse through their website.

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