The work may have hailed from the furthest corners of the planet and represent brands across every possible industry – but there was a common chord clearly visible throughout nearly all of the winning work at the first ceremony of 2015. Simply put, the commonality was “ideas for good”. Almost all of last night’s winning work in one way or another, sought to uplift or improve the lives of the audience who engaged with it. Extremely surprising amongst the

Gold winners was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, that didn’t seem to have an agency attached to it – although it probably did.

I didn’t think that the

4 Grand Prix statutes awarded were heads and shoulders above the rest of the metal-grabbers last night. Although altogether, the work really and truly was outstanding. And special mention needs to go to all of the artists behind the work: the art directors, illustrators, photographers and such. Last night was a feast for the eyes.

In the Direct category, the Grand Prix went to Grey New York and 澳门足球博彩_2016奥运会外围赌球最新官方网站【赔率最高】 Volvo for “Interception”. It utilises a stunningly simple mechanic that got the Superbowl audience to think Volvo when another car manufacturers’ commercial played on TV. This is it.


In the Mobile category, the Grand Prix went to Google for the cardboard rendition of their Google Glasses. This is just the type of progressive thing that one expects from a company like Google. It feels like we’re getting a glimpse of the future with this invention. You can bank on seeing these cardboard masterpieces popping up in awards shows in the future – it’s only a matter of time until other brands and