Neo-Mashigo-co-Executive-Creative-Director-Ogilvy-Mather-Johannesburg.jpgOn Tuesday we’ll be giving you the chance to chat to our new Executive Creative Director, Neo Mashigo. He kicked off his career in the industry at Network BBDO before joining O&M JHB, previously as creative group head. He left the agency to work at SABC as a scriptwriter before moving to Draftfcb where he remained until his return to the O&M JHB fold in February 2013. He has clocked up notable recognition in the industry, winning a New Broom Award at the 2012 Financial Mail Adfocus awards. He is an executive member of The Creative Circle and a member of the Loerie Committee.

Through his involvement in The Creative Circle, he’s also championed getting new talent into the industry. He believes that it’s really important that the industry helps to mentor young talent and give them an opportunity to work in a real agency environment.

He’s also the guy behind phrases like “We’ve been having it” a big believer of making African work that’s true to its roots.  So if you’d like to ask him about what it feels like to write a line that becomes part of the cultural zeitgeist; how to get your big break in Adland; or how long he’s been growing on those dreads, tweet your question to @NeoMashigo and @OgilvyJoburg on Tuesday between 14:00 and 15:00 with #AskJogilvy.

Watch this interview with Neo done by the Adlip team on how to win in radio:

akonaOur very lovely Akona Ndugane has been chosen as one of Cosmo‘s Twitter Queens – and with good reason! It’s an initiative they started last year, asking fans to vote for the local women who are topping the Twitter charts across the country.

Tomorrow we’re chatting to this talented Account Exec who’s been part of the team who made the new M-Net brand campaign happen. You’ll know her from numerous posts on Ogilvy Outfitters showcasing her enviable wardrobe.

#AskJogilvy is your chance to ask her anything you like – be it whether Emmanuel Castis is as handsome in real life as on the telly; how she keeps on top of her game in Client Service or how she makes being a suit look so cool. Just don’t ask her whether she’s related to the rugby player, she isn’t.

Tweet your questions to @OgilvyJoburg with #AskJogilvy tomorrow from 11:00 and Akona will share some of her wisdom. Also check out her blog and some more behind the scenes shots from her Cosmo Twitter Queen shoot.

milesMiles Young is the worldwide Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather and he’s visiting our Campus this week. He’s been with Ogilvy & Mather since 1982, so it’s fair to say that he’s got a wealth of knowledge to share.

Miles is passionate about pervasive creativity and 澳门足球博彩_2016奥运会外围赌球最新官方网站【赔率最高】 pursuing mobile and padding:0; Fine Art in my spare time while I was in Athlone Boys’ High School. I enjoyed it so much I ditched all my other interests and only focused on design and illustration,” he says. “I never went to any kind of advertising or art school, so a lot of what I know I learnt from mentors and the rest is self taught.”

His prolific talent has led to his work being featured in many magazines as well as on websites, in books and in exhibitions internationally. “I am constantly trying to further my expertise in Art Direction and Design, and won’t stop until I have mastered all the tools needs to fully realise my ideas. I use whatever techniques I can get my hands on to achieve the desired effect and

I’m happiest when learning new ways of creating visuals and ideas. Art is my expression. It’s my contribution to the world.”

Join us tomorrow at 11:30 to ask Justice some questions – be it about photography, what it means to be creative, his new ride or how the twins have fooled people who can’t spot the difference between them. Follow the #AskJogilvy hashtag for all the action.

Creative Director, Tseliso Rangaka, was in the hot seat on Tuesday, answering question on Twitter through #AskJogilvy. Here’s his views on creativity, wine and


@Tshepo_Chaka: What role does strategy play in being creative?

Tseliso: Everything that we do stems from strategy, they go hand in hand. You can’t have Creative output without strategy.

@Tshepo_Chaka: How much impact has the digital landscape had on the creative output?

Tseliso: Going digital is the only way to remain relevant. It has a massive impact, it’s no longer just technology.

@Tarrynp2: Tech, what is your one pearl of wisdom?

Tseliso: Stay fresh – both in work and in life.

@Tshepo_Chaka: Would you say the industry is doing enough to avail itself to new talent?

Tseliso: We’re trying, but a lot of people still don’t know what we actually do. A lot of educating still needs to be done.

@Tshepo_Chaka: Were you part of the team that came up with the Channel O Young Gifted and Black campaign? It changed my life.

Tseliso: Unfortunately not, I only started working on Channel O after that campaign. It changed my life too.

@markzella: What do you look for in an ideal job candidate?

Tseliso: Curiosity more than anything, everything else falls in place after that. Without curiosity you can’t do what we do.

@gennahansen: What makes someone “creative” ? Is it a skill others can learn?

Tseliso: We’re all born creative, it’s just being able to make it relevant to what the task at hand is.

@Tshepo_Chaka: Whose task is it to come up with ideas? Can a tea-lady crack an idea or is it solely left to the creative guys?

Tseliso: Everyone’s capable of coming up with a creative idea. It’s important know that they can come from anywhere.

@markzella: What would you say has been your favourite campaign to work on?

Tseliso: The current Cadbury PS campaign has been a pleasure to work on.

@markzella: Who were the biggest inspirations for your career?

Tseliso: No one in particular, but a lot of the campaigns I saw while I was growing up made me pay attention to the industry

@moggymcg: Where does a lot of your inspiration come from? How do you stay inspired?

Tseliso: I read everything, all the time. I read about 5 books at a time.

@ChrisRawlinson: If you had to work on only one brand (any brand) for the rest of your advertising career, which would it be?

Tseliso: Sho, that’s tricky! I’d have to say… Apple. And not just advertising, product development would be awesome!

@catiecate22: Tseliso, other than drinking wine, what are your hobbies outside of work?

Tseliso: Collecting and playing music and taking bad photographs of my daughter and dogs.

@catiecate22: Wow! Do you think that your creativity at home helps/inspires you to be more creative at work?

Tseliso: I think so. Creativity is pervasive, most of it actually comes from outside of work.

@khanyi101: Tseliso what would you say are the three most important traits when it comes to being a Creative Director?

Tseliso: Decisiveness. You have to want the team to succeed, it’s not about you. Experience, I guess.

@urbanenzo: Tseliso, what is your favourite wine?

Tseliso: You can’t have a favourite wine! (But I quite like the Joostenberg Bakermat)

@khanyi101: Tseliso what would you say are the three most important traits when it comes to being a Creative Director?

Tseliso: Decisiveness. You have to want the team to succeed, it’s not about you. Experience, I guess.

@urbanenzo: Tseliso, what is your favourite wine?

Tseliso: You can’t have a favourite wine! (But I quite like the Joostenberg Bakermat)


tselisoIt’s been a while since our last #AskJogilvy, but we’ve lined up Creative Director, Tseliso Rangaka, for next week Tuesday.

He completed a Journalism degree with Rhodes University in 1998. In 1999, he realised this was a bad idea and solicited a Copywriting diploma from the AAA School of Advertising. From 2000 – 2003 he spent quite a lot of time at the FCB Johannesburg company bar where he masquaraded as a copywriter with great success until he was promoted to Creative Group Head. Fearing an imminent bust, Tseliso left the company and joined a family venture operating in the South African wine industry.

After nearly three years of free wine, meals and accommodation Tseliso joined Ogilvy Johannesburg in 2007 as a senior copywriter and was later promoted to Creative Director. Since joining Ogilvy, Tseliso has been seen speaking to the marketing executives for brands  like  Eno, Sprite, Channel O, Mzansi Magic, SuperSport, Miller Genuine Draft, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Lucozade among others. No one knows what these conversations entail.

Join us on Tuesday at 09:00 if you’ve got any questions for Tseliso on anything from creativity, to wine and how to fake it till you make it – just make sure to use the #AskJogilvy hashtag.

abeyWe had our very first open Q&A this morning – something we’ll be doing on a monthly basis. Thank you to everyone who took part, was great having a chat with you and finding out what’s important to people. Here’s how it went down:

@DaleSW: In this digital age, how much longer before so-called ‘new’ media is considered ‘traditional’ media. Or will that shift ever happen?

@Abeyphonogenic: Digital should be the great unifier of all that we do – it’s an intrinsic part of our existence. We are on that journey.

@kepeena: It’s now three weeks into the gig, how are you feeling?

@Abeyphonogenic: I’ve had an awesome welcome. It’s a complex business, but one that plays a fundamental role in society. Lovin’ every day!

@WitsBSchool: What are the attributes of great leadership?

@Abeyphonogenic: Servant leadership! Attributes: vision, integrity, courage, judgement, empathy, passion, emotional intelligence.

@cathryn_meyer: Who has inspired your leadership style and how?

@Abeyphonogenic: Different lessons from different people: my Dad, my Gran, Madiba, Obama, Nunu, and more – all are servant leaders.

@OgilvySA: What is your favorite David Ogilvy quote?

@Abeyphonogenic: Raise your sites! Blaze new trials! Compete with the immortals!

@marklives: How will proposed legislation around alcohol and fast food affect your agency and how are you preparing for it?

@Abeyphonogenic: We build brands – we do it in the light or the dark. Ultimately we are media agnostic,we will continue to find new ways to engage.

@fabbgab: What is your favourite campaign of all time?

@OgilvyCT: What is your favorite ad or ad campaign of all time?

@Abeyphonogenic: The Obama election campaign. It made an entire nation do something previously unthinkable – that’s the power of what we do.

@markzella: What is the fundamental role of philanthropy in building a brand?

@Abeyphonogenic: Our BigIdeaL philosophy is rooted in that a brand’s best self is when it makes the world a better place. It’s compulsory.

@KBellSays: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from being a leader?

@Abeyphonogenic: People make you a leader, they choose you – not the other way round. Not even a title makes you a leader.

@CodeRedComms: If you could choose any ad campaign to work on with no limitations, what/who would it be?

@MIQUALZULU: What would be your dream client?

@Abeyphonogenic: The National Planning Commission – they understand what we need to do to progress SA. They need all our support.

@K_2000: Ever thought of starting a cult? You have the skills for it, hey.

@Abeyphonogenic: No I haven’t. Any ideas?

@MIQUALZULU: Can we get a crocodile in the pond?

@Abeyphonogenic: If you can bring it in from the Vaal, but I’m worried about when @julianribeiro takes a dip!

@KBellSays: How do you encourage creative thinking within Ogilvy?

@gennahansen: How do you foster creativity and motivate your teams to produce the BEST all day every day?

@Abeyphonogenic: Ideas are the currency of the future, we create physical and mental spaces for them to come alive.

@markzella: What would be your advice to students entering the industry?

@Abeyphonogenic: Stay curious. Stay committed. Stay connected. Be Intelligently naïve…

@chrisrawlinson: What has been your most exciting entrepreneurial project so far in life?

@Abeyphonogenic: Making my son, he will give me many riches.

@missjoeycpt: Can you make the transition from production to advertising? Only with production experience?

@Abeyphonogenic: Yes. Creativity is a level playing field.

@Neobll: What’s your fresh perspective on how to package and sell great work?

@Abeyphonogenic: Remember that most people do the same thing – take a different approach but remain authentic.

@tweetdelicious: If Ogilvy was an ice cream, what flavour would it be and why?

@Abeyphonogenic: Caramel – the perfect balance between left and right brain. Robyn called it the bridge between logic and magic.

davidMany Ogilvisms have become popular catchphrases, but one that rings particularly true for us is about the people we hire. “If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.”

We are in fact so proud of these giants, that we want to share some of their expertise with everyone else. Once a month we’ll be giving you the opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wondered about – and one of our giants will answer.

Wonder what it feels like to lose a pitch? How sloggish is the brainstorming process? Can advertising do good? How do you go from the drawing board to the TV screen? Where do the Ogilvy Peacocks come from? #AskJOgilvy is where you go for answers to all of these questions.

On Friday at 10:00 we’ll be doing our first interview via Twitter with the newly appointed Ogilvy South Africa CEO, Abey Mokgwatsane – so start thinking up some questions!

neoOn Tuesday we did an #AskJogilvy with our ECD, Neo Mashigo. It was planned for only an hour, but we ended up spending almost two on answering all the questions that came streaming in. Here’s what went down:

@RememberCarla: Often, your state of mind changes constantly, is it important to remain consistent in your creative work?

@NeoMashigo: Yes. Consistency allows people to know who you are & what you stand for. Especially when it comes to brands.

@RememberCarla: Can creativity be taught? How is it assessed? Who decides if it’s creative or not?

@NeoMashigo: Yes creativity can be taught & harnessed. Assess it by judging how it makes you feel.

@RememberCarla: How important is it to collaborate an innovator and creative?

@NeoMashigo: Whenever one or two people gather in creativity, Beauty is among them. Collaboration makes everything better.

@RememberCarla: Language induces creative responses, but isn’t language limiting? Does creativity require education to understand it?

@NeoMashigo: Language isn’t limiting. It’s a powerful creative tool that allows us to speak to the heart.

@Ninxie_Mo: Apart from the Ogilvy Graduate Programme, how does Ogilvy contribute to developing graduates that are thirsty for industry knowledge?

@NeoMashigo: We have internships, Open Days & opportunities like #AskJogilvy! We support Creative Circle training programme.

@MarkZella: What would your advice be to a young suit / marketer to get the best work out of the creatives?

@NeoMashigo: Give a good brief! Then be passionate about the brand & work together.

@Akona1: What’s your obsession with twerking about?

@NeoMashigo: I’m not obsessed, but I just looove their creativity

@marccrerar: What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

@NeoMashigo: Forgiving betrayal. Let it go. Wooosah!

@clekzo: Fela Kuti or Femi Kuti?

@NeoMahshigo: Fela. But damn, Femi is doing a good job.

@khanyi101: Which church do we have to go to to witness your healing and preaching? (Via your twitter bio)

@NeoMashigo: It’s not a church. It’s a state of mind. Come visit my office, I’ll tell you over a glass of water

@jager_bianca: What do you do to keep your creative mind sharp?

@Ne0Mashigo: I hang around with the masses. They’re the most creative people I know.

@Abeyphonogenic: Do you think digital is important & y?

@NeoMashigo: Yes. It’s the future. Digital brings all the other mediums together. It allows brands to come alive.

@Tshepo_Chaka: Which piece of work/ad/campaign do you wish you had done?

@NeoMashigo: I wish I’d done the Million Project by Droga5

@KBellSays: Did you always aspire to be who are today?

@NeoMashigo: Not really. I’ve always seen advertising as a journey & not a destination. Stay tuned!

@ChrisRawlinson: What’s the best line you have ever written / seen?

@NeoMashigo: Power to the People.

@clekzo: Where do you see digital in advertising ?

@NeoMashigo: Digital is the medium to rule all mediums.

@Abeyphonogenic: Why should young people choose a career in advertising?

@NeoMashigo: Because it’s a career that allows multi-disciplined thinking. Advertising always asks for more.

@SibusisoSA: Do you think a hashtag search engine is cool?

@NeoMashigo: Meh. Who needs it when you’ve got Google…or am I misunderstanding?

@SibusisoSA: Perfect answer, this was just to see if you will reply lol. Respect!!!

@RABSouthAfrica: What’s your favourite radio ad/ campaign of all time? Why?

@NeoMashigo: Don’t do favourites, but liked the Raj Corsa Lite ads.

@Tshepo_Chaka: I’ve always had a lot of respect for you & your work what is your leadership style?

@NeoMashigo: I don’t know. Ask the people that have worked with me.

@Caprisel: What’s your idea of a day-off?

@NeoMashigo: It depends on what mood strikes me. I like hanging with my peeps & reflecting.

@SibusisoSA: What exactly do you do?

@NeoMashigo: I guide the creative process.

@Bonnikins: What stirs your creative juices?

@NeoMashigo: Beautiful minds, people, things. Just beauty.

@Bonnikins: What interesting qualities do you look for in a creative during an interview?

@NeoMashigo: What they do when they’re not making ads.

@SibusisoSA: Are you related to Vinolia?

@NeoMashigo: Kwa kwa kwa kwa! I suppose we are, because we share the same surname. Ke tau Ya Mariri!

@BradCM: How does one join such a creative industry?

@NeoMashigo: You just go take it!

@WaGaBakgatla: When did u realise creating was what u wanted to do & based on what did you choose the path that has led you here?

@NeoMashigo: I wanted to do everything. Advertising allows me to do just that.

@SibusisoSA: Best Facebook Tool besides hootsuite & ShortStack.?

@NeoMashigo: Our Social@Ogilvy team prefers using FB platform directly & building our own more responsive apps.

@ChrisRawlinson: if you could work for any agency outside of SA, who would it be? (apart from Ogilvy)

@NeoMashigo: Probably Droga5. If David asks nicely.

@BradCM: What did you study/do to get where you are?

@NeoMashigo: Studied at AAA and Vega on a training programme called Abakhethwa. And I worked bloody hard.

@SATVads: Many complain about too many ads with black women singing and dancing. What’s your view?

@NeoMashigo: Yeah, I’m with them. #ThisThingMustStop

@SibusisoSA: Do you think Digital advocates are a good idea?

@marvzee: How do you handle egos in the industry?

@NeoMashigo: I give them a hug

@SATVads: What is the value of South African consumer opinions in making and flighting ads?

@NeoMashigo: Very important, they’re the consumer that we’re trying to talk to after all.

@MasegoM: Who and /or what has made the biggest impact on your creativity?

@NeoMashigo: I was fortunate enough to start advertising under Mike Schalit. He shaped my path.

@AfrikaNoir: I am offended by the trend of having black people dance for food or products in ads. Am I being oversensitive?

@NeoMashigo: Sies! I’m also offended! #ThisThingMustStop

@MIQAELZULU: Blacklime or l’Oreal?

@NeoMashigo: I tend to switch around, but I’m more of a HeMan kinda guy.

@SibusisoSA: Do you think Lubners and Lewis will stop with the goat and R500 cash back campaigns?

@NeoMashigo: Never underestimate the power of a goat.

@SibusisoSA: What’s your take on QR Codes?

@NeoMashigo: There are easier ways to drive people online.

@KamoJelloIs it true that you run your creative department with a sjambok and a knobkierrie?

@NeoMashigo: It’s the only language creatives understand.

@LSWoolf: Where’s your city of inspiration?

@NeoMashigo: I don’t have a city of inspiration. I laugh at people who do.

@Akona1: If you didn’t live in Joburg, where else would you live on the continent?

@NeoMashigo: Uganda YEAH!

@pbkrielYour prediction for the top (most powerful) SA brand in 10 years’ time?

@NeoMashigo: It won’t be South African, it will be global, might be born here. It hasn’t yet, though.

@Caprisel: Who’s your favourite writer?

@NeoMashigo: Wole Soyinka